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Introducing The Tetra Berlin Collection, A Few New Colorful replica watches From Nomos

Nomos Tetra Berlin Collection

Nomos has made a name for itself by doing things its own way instead of following other brands or chasing the latest trend. Here we have four new takes on the basic Tetra, Nomos's square watch, that were designed in Berlin to reflect four significant landmarks in the German capital. Three of the four are still powered by the in-house alpha caliber, a great manually-wound movement made in Glashütte, and there are four colors of varying intensities to choose from. The Tetra Berlin collection is a mix of traditional elements and modern flourishes that is distinctly Nomos.

Nomos Alpha Caliber

The idea behind the Tetra Berlin collection is to celebrate the diversity of the city by referencing four important landmarks across the city. While aesthetically the replica watches are very different, they all start with the same foundation. First there is the 29.5mm square case that sits at a slim 6.3mm thick with stepped lugs. Through the sapphire back you can see the in-house Nomos alpha caliber, which is a simple manually wound movement with three-quarter plate construction, 17 jewels, and a 43 hour power reserve. It's decorated with Glashütte ribbing and perlage, and is a really nice little movement.

Of the four, our two favorites are the Nachtijall and Goldelse, named for the mockingbirls that live in the Grunewald woodlands and the Victory Column in Tiergarten, respectively. The former has a deep midnight blue lacquer dial with gold hands and markings. It incorporates color without being loud or over the top. The Goldelse on the other hand has a rose gold galvanized dial that is a really light blush color. It has a brushed finish, gold hands, and silver dial markings to match the steel case. For a ladies dress watch, it's pretty spot on.

For something even bolder, there is the Clärchen (named for a famous dance hall), with its bright green lacquer dial and gold hands and markings. And finally there is the Kleen. The name means "little one" in Berliner dialect, but this is no shy Tetra. The mint green lacquer dial is accented with gold hands and markers, as well as a power reserve indicator at 12:30. The indicator's background is gold with a green disc that matches the dial actually showing how much power is left. Unlike the rest of the Berlin collection, the Kleene houses the DUW 4301 movement instead of the Alpha caliber.

The Clärchen and Nachtjall are priced at $2,320, the Goldeslse is $2,390, and the Kleene is $2,920. For more, visit Nomos online.

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